WD Capital
Taj Hussain,CPA

Taj Hussain,CPA

Taj Hussain leverages his experience in accounting, M&A advisory, and entrepreneurship to successfully execute advisory mandates at WD Capital Markets.

Taj joined WD Capital Markets in 2023 and supports the firms M&A advisory practice, helping our clients navigate through business transitions and growth acquisitions. He’s an experienced entrepreneur in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry, having successfully sold his small trucking company in 2022.

Taj graduated from Brock University, Goodman School of Business in 2019, completing his Bachelor of Accounting degree. His prior experience includes Audit, Tax, and M&A Advisory at the Big 4 and mid-tier accounting firms.

Taj is a car fanatic, luxury watch enthusiast and aspiring collector, and a thrill-seeker who enjoys jumping out of planes.