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Fairness Opinions & Valuations

Its not luck that we are Canada’s fastest growing transaction advisory practice. (TBC)

This is where [TRUE] independence really matters.

With the increasingly heavy focus on governance and equity across all sizes of organizations, receiving external, unbiased support for your key transaction decisions is now mission critical. WDC regularly provides time sensitive, independent, Valuation and Fairness Opinion advisory to private and public companies across Canada. Our transaction advisory has supported Management teams and Boards of Directors in making decisions for transactions ranging from $10M to $1B+ in size.

Don’t expect so see a simple DCF Valuation report, or “boilerplate” short form Fairness Opinion from WDC. We are owners with high integrity, we are building a business, and we simple care more about every mandate.

Below we answer some of the most common questions we are asked by companies and their advisors looking for help with Valuations or Fairness Opinions, which we hope will provide some valuable information and help you understand how WDC works.

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